About Thrifty Femme

Thrifty Femme is not a licensed financial professional; heed her advise at your own risk.

About Me:
Twenty-something married with two cats.

Best Financial Decision:
Not running up debt in college and starting my 401K and Roth IRA when I started my first job.

Worst Financial Decision:
Maxing out my 401K instead of my Roth IRA and leasing my first car.

Current Financial Strategy:
Pay off auto loan and continue to fund 401K and IRAs.

How I manage my money:
I track monthly cash flow at least three years into the future.

Tools I use:
Currently Excel. Thinking about Yodlee but apprehensive about linking all accounts into one portal and wondering about the potential liabilities. Experimenting with Yodlee and Mint, although I’m liking Excel better right now.

I need help with:

Favorite Financial Personalities:
Elizabeth Warren

Anyone can contact her at thriftyfemme at gmail dot com.