Thrifty Thursday: Groceries

My Groceries Deals is a website that collects the weekly sales for major grocery chains across the country. You enter a zip code and then select the stores for which you would like to see deals. If you register with the site you are able to enter dietary restrictions and limited allergy information.

The search results are sorted by grocery category (i.e. Baking Goods, Beer/Wine/Spirits, etc) by default, although you can also view by store. There are options to find coupons using Smart Source and there is an option to view the nutritional information for each search result. You can also make a grocery list and it will keep a running total of your savings and the amount you will spend as well as organize the list by store. You can either print this list or email it to yourself.

Although the user interface could use some web 2.0 bells and whistles, My Groceries Deals will definitely could streamline the time it takes peruse the weekly circulars and compile your grocery list.


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