So what has happened in 7 years?

Well looking at my last post 7 years ago, I guess I quit blogging because of a death in the family. I did end up transferring the loan balance to a credit card at 0% until September 2009.  This ended up being a really good move because I was laid off in February 2009.  That balance transfer cut my car payment in half, and I found a job in September of 2009.  At the time I was laid off I had 14k in my savings account.  I managed to save another 5k while I was laid off.  I was able to do this because I was also teaching music lessons on the side and put that money directly into savings.  It did hurt a bit to pay off that 13k credit card bill, but I was worth it.  BTW, I’m still driving that car :o)

Since I had been making us save for about 3 years and keeping our expenses low, we were able to live off of half of Mr. Thrifty Femme’s salary while I was laid off.  Ah, those were the days!  I should make it a goal to get back to that!  These days I think we could live off of one salary alone.

Boring events include

  1. Saving money.
  2. Opening a HSA.

Big events include

  1. Toddler!Thrifty Femme entering the world.  I will not be posting pictures even though she is very cute :o)
  2. Purchasing a new home in 2014.
  3. Potentially renting our former home 2015.

Yeah 2 and 3 don’t exactly square, but ya live and learn!  That’ll be a topic for future post ;ob


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